Community Relations

FreedomAquaculture can be an important contributor to local employment and social and economic development, especially in remote rural areas where opportunities are limited. Yet aquaculture has sometimes been criticized for its detrimental effects on surrounding communities through negative environmental or social impacts. Aquaculture facilities can take a number of steps to ensure positive and productive relations with members of the communities they impact. In this short course, you’re going to learn about community relations.

Fundamental Labor Rights

The seafood industry has recently faced much-publicized cases of slavery on fishing vessels and use of child labor in some parts of aquaculture. While these extreme cases only concern part of these sectors, they tarnish their reputations and raise concerns in consumers and investors. Addressing social issues and workers’ rights is therefore not only a moral obligation, it is a business necessity. In this 45-minute course, you are going to learn about the fundamentals of labor rights.

Worker Safety and Health

BoatThe repercussions from deficits in occupational safety and health can be severe and have long-term physical, emotional and social impacts for individuals and their families. OSH deficits also have repercussions for businesses, including reputational damage, lost consumer and investor confidence, and direct and indirect costs to the business. Responsible business is about promoting the highest possible health and safety standards. In this 25-minute course, you are going to learn about worker safety and health.